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Online Diagnostics - at your Fingertips

With RapidRose, you can get comprehensive medical test performed by qualified professionals at the touch of a button.

A better primary care experience.

The Diagnostics Centre that treats you like a rose.
We provide a range of diagnostic tests in our centre, with the help of some of the best equipment available anywhere in the world. Our online services are designed to allow you to order your own tests from home and get the results delivered straight to you.

Check your health with ease.

Visit our lab on the web and get a blood test, pregnancy test, or other medical services without ever leaving your house.
Find out what's going on with your body in only 24 hours. You'll receive your test results online and be able to continue living your life.

Quality Care, done right

RapidRose delivers state-of-the art medical laboratory for international standards, on any budget, and from the comfort of your own home or office.
Don’t see what you need? Let us know—we can do anything!

The quickest way to get medical test results.

Waiting in the reception is never ever pleasant—especially when you have to wait for hours on end.
Rapid turnaround of test results is vital to decision-making across a range of healthcare settings.
Avoid waiting and get your medical test results fast with RapidRose Medical Diagnostic Services.
We provide quick and accurate diagnosis services for individuals, clinics, and doctors all over the state. Try our online service today!

No need to fear your wallet.

Increased convenience at a very affordable price.
We send your results online, so no need to fear additional transport expenses.
With our curated test options, we are one of the most affordable diagnostic centers in Nigeria.

10% Site Launch Offer above ₦5000

Featured Tests

Let us handle your next medical exam!

If you have any queries or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us via the details provided below.

We’re here to help!

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